Now out from New Political Science

I’m excited the announce that my article on Occupy Wall Street’s liberal civil religion, what I term a civil religion of the Nones (CRN), is now out from New Political Science.

Photo Credit: Colby College, Anthropology of Contemporary Issues

Building upon Robert Putnam and David Campbell’s “two aftershocks of the sexual revolution thesis,” I argue that for many on the political Left, the traditional American civil religion (ACR) no longer applies. Yet for theoretical, historical, and political reasons these Americans have a powerful practice-based civil faith. I suggest that this variant–an anti-establishment belief system that parallels the dominant ACR–is at work in the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The piece is the first in a research agenda dealing with civil religion in religio-politically polarized times. Forthcoming explorations of liberal civil religions include environmentalism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

If you would like to read the piece, I encourage you to either check out New Political Science (if your institution has access to the journal), or through my page (where I have an Accepted Manuscript copy available for reading).


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