Podcasting in the Age of Corona


Now that classrooms across the country–including mine–have moved online, I have been trying to find ways to supplement my students’ education.

In addition to lecturing via Zoom and using discussion boards on Blackboard, my colleague Gayle Alberda and I have created a podcast: Plugged into Politics.

Our podcast’s mission is, simply, to help our students understand the multiple ways in which their Political Science knowledge can help them navigate the world in an understandably confusing time.

If you would like to read more about our podcasting venture, please check out the following press reports!

The first is from The Fairfield Citizen, which highlights some of the ways that Fairfield professors (including Gayle and myself) are helping to supplement online education via the podcast. Check out “Virtual Learning is Now the Norm at Fairfield Universities” here!

The second piece is a little more detailed, and comes from News@Fairfield, a source for campus news at Fairfield University. Check out “Faculty Podcast Examines Coronavirus Pandemic Through Political Lens” here!


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