“Words mean more than what is set down on paper,” Maya Angelou writes in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, “It takes the human voice to infuse them with shades of deeper meaning.”

I endeavor to read my students’ reviews with that human voice in mind. Doing so reminds me that success is not an objective fact. It is, rather, relational—the final product of a semester spent listening and responding to students in real time.

American Political Systems (Salve Regina University, FA 2016)

Everyone has that one challenge accepted course either per year, or per semester. This course was mine. Not to mention my professor definitely opened my eyes to the fact that I usually knew more than I thought I did.

Has helped me think more bipartisan. Even with systems that frustrate me, I can see why they are important and why they would be difficult to change. Because of this class I am inspired to be more politically involved and want to explore more in the subject.

This course definitely taught me to think creatively to answer some of the test questions. But in all reality, it did show me how the pieces of our government fit together, a concept that I knew, but didn’t quite grasp, for a while.

My instructor encouraged the class to be informed. Education is the most potent weapon one can have.

Political Science Senior Honors Seminar (Brown University FA 2015 – SP 2016)

Aaron is an extraordinary instructor. Accessible, friendly, adaptable and deeply engaged with his students. I felt comfortable approaching him and he offered extremely useful counsel.

Aaron was always available and extremely generous with his time and advice. He commented more thoroughly on my written work than any of my thesis readers consistently, and his encouragement throughout the process was invaluable.

Aaron’s comments were incredible, and the fact that he’s not an expert on any of our topics means that he can point out if we’re being clear about something.

Selected Comments as Teaching Assistant (Brown University, 2012-2015)

Aaron’s passion for teaching and passion for politics made him the best TA I have ever had. He is on your side and always educates you in a way that makes you grow (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2015)

Aaron was an excellent TA. He was always available outside of class or via email and provided helpful, thorough responses to any questions. He helped guide my studying for the exams and articulate what was expected on the papers. He was encouraging and gave positive, constructive criticism. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2015)

I’ve had Aaron twice now and he remains one of the best TA’s I’ve had at Brown. Always prepared, always engaging, always knowledgeable. Passionate and willing to help. And a great guy to boot. A+++ (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2015)

Aaron was a great section TA. He was extremely knowledgeable on the material, and clearly passionate as well. He was very inviting and welcoming of everyone’s opinion, and encouraged everyone in section to speak up. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2015)

Mr. Weinstein was always available for questions. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The lecture he taught was one of my favorites of the course. (Polarized Politics, FA 2014)

Aaron is one of the better TAs that I have had. He is very intelligent and helpful. He is very approachable and is willing to meet with students even outside of office hours if they need to discuss lectures, readings, or assignments. He helped to make this one of my favorite courses this semester! (Polarized Politics, FA 2014)

Wonderful TA! I really felt like he wanted me to succeed. Was readily available and overall just incredibly helpful in ensuring I did well in this course. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2013)

Awesome TA. Incredibly knowledgeable, uses section time effectively, encouraging and available, good at helping us understand, gives great feedback. One of the best TAs I’ve encountered at Brown. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2013)

Aaron is an absolutely amazing TA and definitely one of the main reasons I stayed motivated for this class. He was always very helpful with any questions in section along with outside of section. He always held really informative review session but since we were never given enough time to finish the tests his helpfulness did not always carry over to getting good grades on the tests. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2013)

He is great! Always worked around student’s schedules to try and meet. Very helpful before tests and papers. You can tell he is very intelligent and has a lot to offer when having a conversation with him. Very dedicated to his students and works hard to make sure they are getting the most possible out of the course. (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2013)

Aaron is extremely supportive and clear in his lectures/leading of discussion section. He’s always accessible via office hours or email, and is very good at guiding students thinking (such as for planning papers) without being either too distance or too direct/controlling. He also provides extremely useful feedback on papers. I’m extremely glad he was my TA this semester! (Introduction to American Politics, SP 2013)

Comments on assignments that were graded by Aaron were particularly insightful with helping understand what could have made an answer stronger. Most TAs will just check to see that you hit the right points but Aaron goes a step beyond and tells you what you should have added to make things more clear, concise, and effective. (Campaigns and Elections, FA 2012)

Aaron was a fantastic T.A. His comments were clear, showed a true understanding of course material, and definitely enhanced my awareness of my understanding of the material. Although I did not take advantage of it, he held regular office hours, and made himself available to students. I also found him very approachable, and appreciated his attempt to make himself available and accessible to his students. (Campaigns and Elections, FA 2012)

He was very helpful when I had any questions and always emailed me back in a timely fashion. (The Presidency, SP 2012)

Extremely knowledgeable. I don’t think I would have been half as successful had I not been in Aaron’s section. (The Presidency, SP 2012)

Aaron was a great section leader – he was good at facilitating our discussions and was very approachable. (The Presidency, SP 2012)


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