Teaching is my passion, and my pedagogy is simple: How can students get the most from their time in class?  For some this means stoking an already existing interest for material; for others it means locating one by relating class material to their daily lives.  Still others benefit most from focused attention on their writing or communication skills.  I believe my job is to educate the whole student and develop the skills that they will then apply to their own passions, whatever they may be.

For details on the awards I have been given in recognition of teaching excellence, please click here or follow the “Teaching and Advising Awards” tab.

Teaching Experience

I am currently an adjunct lecturer in political science at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island. Have taught three sections of Honors American Political Process, and one non-Honors section.

Last year (2015-2016), I was the Director for Brown’s political science Honors Thesis Program.  I advised students in a workshop setting, helped them meet deadlines and produce material to stay on track in the thesis writing process.

In the past, served as a Teaching Assistant at Brown and a Senior Instructor at Yale University’s Yale Young Global Scholars, an elite summer program for exceptional high school students.


I helped instruct several classes while at Brown. They include:

  • Introduction to American Political Science
  • Campaigns and elections
  • Partisanship in American politics

Yale Young Global Scholars (formerly IVY Scholars Program)

Seminars at the YYGS program are 90 minutes of student-directed discussion on a set of readings.  Over the last three years I have taught several topics:

  • A Nation with the Soul of a Church (2014)
  • Introduction to American Political Culture (2014)
  • The Roots of Partisanship in American Politics (2013, 2014)
  • Popular Constitutionalism and the Tea Party (2013)
  • New Media and American Political Culture (2013)
  • Religion, the Presidency, and War (2013)
  • The Domestic Politics of American Intervention Abroad (2013)
  • The Role of Religion in the American Presidency (2012)
  • The Influence of Mass Media in American Political Life (2012)
  • The Future of Race in American Politics (2012)

To learn about the Constitution Simulation I created for YYGS, please use the following link, or see the “Simulation” tab under Teaching.

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